This Weekend

Beleive it or not there are quite a few things happening this weekend that are of major importance.  First, G8 leaders are meeting at Camp David starting on Friday to try and find some kind of acceptable solution on the Euro crisis.  This is a pretty big deal because if something can’t be done to resolve this crisis it will effect you and me.  This is because the US and EU have the world’s largest trade relationship.  More goods and services are exchanged by the these two than any other trading partners in the world.  Because of the Euro crisis economic growth has stalled in Europe with some countries, such as, Greece and Spain experiencing economic numbers as bad as those of the Great Depression.. Like 20% unemployment bad.  Compare that with unemployment in the US of 8.1% and you can begin to see the magnitude of the problem over there.  If the Europeans are out of work they cannot buy the goods we would normally export to them.  It is also important in another way, because the trade relationship is so important and vital to both the EU and the US it is quite possible that whether or not the situation is resolved in a reasonable manner that brings about positive change in Europe could quite well decide the election this fall here in America.  Hows that for a globally interdependent world?

The other big happening going this weekend and early next week is the NATO Summit in Chicago.  Leaders who are at Camp David for the G8 Summit are expected to join NATO members once they are done at Camp David.  The NATO Summit, while not as important as the G8 meeting, still will deal with some tough issues.  Some of those are to include; how to fund the Afghan National Army once western combat troops withdrawal, and coming up with some kind of stay behind force structure to support the Afghan government once the main body of troops has left.  This is a pretty big deal because we are going to see if the US will get any real help in supporting Afghanistan or are we going to be left all alone in that endeavor.  So, as you can see, this is going to be a busy next few days.  Here is a link to the original story G8 and Nato summits: will our world leaders get anything done?


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