10 Ways Your Govt. Is Failing You

I wanted to do a little follow up on the 2 part series about constitutional neglect I did earlier in the week. The idea here is to point out or remind those of us that need it about how our elected government is not governing with our best interest in mind. Both parties have failures listed here.

1. Trade- by letting other countries cheat on free trade deals.

2. Border security/illiegal immigration

3. Running up obscene debts in our name.

4. In the midst of our worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the Obama administration devoted 14 months on the health care debate giving us a program we can’t afford.

5. By spending mountains of money on education and getting mediocre to hardly any progress in return.

6. For the senate not passing a budget in over 3 years.

7. By forcing us all to go through worthless TSA screening at the airport.

8. Members of Congress using insider information to make personal gains in the stock market.

9. By wasting billions of dollars from the stimulus on green energy companies that went belly up soon after.

10. Gross mismanagement fighting our nation’s wars of the last decade.


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