Rumors Of War III- The Most Disturbing Documentary I Have Seen About America

Last night I watched ROW III (Rumors of War III), you can watch it free here, but you do have to sign up for a trial membership. This has to be the most sobering show I have seen about threats facing  America since 9/11 happened.  I have to be honest I like Glenn Beck but wasn’t a regular follower of his show, he seemed to focus on conspiracies a little too much for me, but this video lays out a strong case with convincing evidence for how radical muslims living in the US have infiltrated our government and undoubtedly are laying the ground work for a major attack against America in the near future.  Not only should you watch this but it is so important you need to MAKE your family and friends watch so they understand whats going on.  Ask yourself this, if you had a chance to watch a documentary pre-9/11 that detailed Al Qaeda and the threat they posed to us thereby giving yourself the chance to do something about like pressuring your congressman to look into it would you hesitate at all watching the video?  Well its quite possible ROW III gives you the chance to do that.  Watching the video and persuading friends and family of the vital importance of doing the same is the least someone can do when faced with the clear and present danger that is the information in ROW III.  You not only owe it to yourself, friends, family, but also to your country.  It is that important, period.  Here is a link to preview video of ROW III.


Say It Aint So…..

There are some troubling trends in the global economy today that deserve further attention.  You hear me rail about the negative aspects of our trade relationship with China quite regularly.  However, I’m no fool, I realize how important China has become to the global economy in recent years as they have been one of the few bright spots.  That is why it is disturbing that the much talked about “soft landing” of the Chinese economy looks like its beginning to be not so soft.  According to one of my favorite journalists, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Daily Telegraph, reports recently that things are looking bad in China right now.  He notes that China is in a deflationary spiral much like Japan was in the 1990’s.  When describing the situation he said that ” Loan demand   has been falling for months. Banks are offering credit. Companies are   refusing to take it. This is the old Japanese story of pushing on a string,   or the European story today. ”  But wait it gets worse, according to Ambrose China is not the only one in trouble, “All the BRICs need watching. India’s industrial output fell 3.5pc in March.   The country seems caught in a 1970s stagflation vice. Brazil has softened   too, with car sales down 15pc and industrial production contracting in   March. The bad loans of the banks have reached 10.3pc, higher than   post-Lehman.”  Of course, this all is happening while southern Europe is already in complete melt down right now, could the world be more bad off than now?  Unfortunately the answer might become yes because in another article by Ambrose he reports that there is a real chance the US might be headed back into recession.  “The US economy has slowed to stall speed. A few lonely forecasters fear that   America has already fallen back into recession, replicating the terrible   double-dip of 1937.”  With all major pillars of the global economy either in a down turn or possibly headed there 2008 could seem like a time of relative prosperity.  One must remember that much of the rest of the world outside of the US was not in recession in 2008 which helped to dampen the blows to the global economy.  Here are links to both the stories cited World edges closer to deflationary slump, Rising US recession risk poses the real threat to Europe.  Note to readers BRIC=Brazil, Russia, India, China.