Rumors Of War III- The Most Disturbing Documentary I Have Seen About America

Last night I watched ROW III (Rumors of War III), you can watch it free here, but you do have to sign up for a trial membership. This has to be the most sobering show I have seen about threats facing  America since 9/11 happened.  I have to be honest I like Glenn Beck but wasn’t a regular follower of his show, he seemed to focus on conspiracies a little too much for me, but this video lays out a strong case with convincing evidence for how radical muslims living in the US have infiltrated our government and undoubtedly are laying the ground work for a major attack against America in the near future.  Not only should you watch this but it is so important you need to MAKE your family and friends watch so they understand whats going on.  Ask yourself this, if you had a chance to watch a documentary pre-9/11 that detailed Al Qaeda and the threat they posed to us thereby giving yourself the chance to do something about like pressuring your congressman to look into it would you hesitate at all watching the video?  Well its quite possible ROW III gives you the chance to do that.  Watching the video and persuading friends and family of the vital importance of doing the same is the least someone can do when faced with the clear and present danger that is the information in ROW III.  You not only owe it to yourself, friends, family, but also to your country.  It is that important, period.  Here is a link to preview video of ROW III.


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