California Dreaming

There is a hard-hitting article over at the American Spectator written by Ross Kaminsky entitled Our Very Own Greece.  As the title suggests we don’t have to look to Greece to see what happens when a government lives beyond their means because we can just observe California.  The article does not just describe all of the many problems facing the golden state, but also does a good job pointing out how these problems came about.  First, California has some of the highest taxes in nation.  Second, the native-born American population has literally fled by the millions over the last few decades only to be replaced by illegal aliens.  Then throw in what was described as the worst place to do business in the country because of high costs and regulation and the disaster doesn’t look so surprising.  Yet there is still more to add to this crisis like entrenched public service unions, and last but not least, state officials calculated the budget shortfall at $9.2 billion in January.  Now in May they have come back and adjusted this to $16 billion.  How do they propose to solve the problem, new taxes.  Surprise.


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