Political Polarization


Intriguing article over at voteview blog that deals with polarization.  The article is done by several political scientists who have graphed the change in the polarization of American politics.  Of course they put most of the blame for this trend on republicans, and if you read their graph it does show since the mid 1970’s republicans have gone quite a bit farther right.  To be honest, even though I lean right I would probably agree with this to a degree.  However, even though I basically agree with their conclusion I do find that they fail to properly interpret their data because they don’t mention the whole reason it happened.  They claim that the reason for this republican shift to the right was because of the democratic party’s use of identity politics like supporting minorities, etc.  This is partly true, but they fail to account for the effect Roe v. Wade had on the political environment.  Roe v. Wade was heard before the Supreme Court in 1973, according to the graph the Republican shift right occurred shortly thereafter.  By imposing their own radical agenda on the rest of America the end result has been the democrats radicalized their opposition.  Who would have thought?  See for yourself with this link Polarization is Real (and Asymmetric) and make up your own mind.


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