Thanks China

I was a little disappointed in that so far today I had not come across anything to pound on China over. Fret no more, for has delivered for us. In a story originally done by Agencie France Presse, we learn that counterfeit Chinese parts have found their way into the US military’s parts bin. This is cause for concern until you read on to discover how wide-spread the problem has become which makes the problem go all the way to tragedy in the making. The article states that the parts can be found in everything from actual weapon systems like hellfire missiles to even in aircraft like the c-17 Globemaster. The article is based on a recent Senate report which concluded that the Chinese were to blame for failing to regulate parts suppliers in China. It doesn’t seem to dawn on the writers of the report that maybe China wants the counterfeit parts to find their way into the US military supply chain. Could you imagine what would happen if we went to war with China only to find that many of our weapon systems failed to work at the most critical time? Just another reason to scrutinize our trade relationship with China before it is too late.  Here is the link to the story Chinese Fake Parts ‘Flood’ US Military: Report.


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