Is The End Of Britain Coming?

I have been reading articles about Scotland trying to secede from the rest of Britain for some time now.  Now it looks as if this might finally come to a vote according to the article below.

The article points out how some in Britain, which includes Wales, England, and Scotland, are beginning to worry how that might affect what is left of Britain on the world stage.  What would happen to their seat on the UN Security Council, or their naval base in Scotland?  These are serious questions for Britain, but they also pose interesting questions for America as well.  How does a diminished Britain effect the US, they are as many like to point out our closest ally, the mother country, the nation which gave us our cultural heritage.  Even before this vote on Scotland leaving will have taken place, Britain’s role in the world as America’s most dependable ally had  already been questioned.  This is because of its massive, some might say irresponsible defense cuts, which many have pointed out will leave Britain without the capability to act decisively on the world stage.  How strong can America act in the world without a strong Britain?  Which ultimately leads to the final question of what does a weakened Anglo-American partnership mean for the global order, because it has been the Anglo-American partnership which has in large part guaranteed that order.

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