Where The Money Went

Excellent chart over at the www.weeklystandard.com that shows where government spending went over the last 10 years.  You would think that defense spending along with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would have taken obscene levels of government spending but this chart shows how once again it is really out of control entitlement spending that is truly driving deficit spending by consuming about 65% of all federal spending.  With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq winding down and substantial cuts already factored in for the pentagon it’s time to get serious and recognize that the only way we can balance the budget is by reigning entitlement spending.  Link to story below.

Last Decade, 65 Percent of Federal Expenditures Went to Pay for Entitlements


4 responses to “Where The Money Went

  1. Just think what the budget situation would be like if the United States ended all entitlement/social programs. The freeloaders would go crazy. Hopefully, a mass riot with the riot police called out and authorized to use deadly force. Freeloaders are like rabid dogs, everybody needs to shoot them on sight.

    Censorship is evil.

  2. Well, duh… Republicans destroyed our economy, which caused millions of people to go on unemployment, food stamps, and other entitlement benefits so they wouldn’t starve to death. We also have the older baby-boomers retiring and collecting Social Security and using Medicare. The Bush wars are trillions of dollars of wasted money that have actually made the world less safe. The Republican party is a destructive force. That is a fact.

    • Ben, sorry your comment wasn’t displayed. For some reason it was counted as spam until I went and manually approved it. In response to your post I would say I agree with some of what you say although to be fair democrats pushed the sub prime housing initiatives very hard even after being warned by the FED it was dangerous. So in my opinion both dems and repubs are responsible.

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