The Gun Pointed At The Pentagon’s Head

I was a little confused last summer when the debt ceiling deal was announced allowing the ceiling to be raised in exchange for the creation of a bi-partisan commission.  The commission was to be tasked with reducing the nation’s deficit that was to have a fail safe enacted of automatic cuts to government programs if an agreement could not be reached.  I was confused because I thought republicans had agreed to too many defense cuts in case the commission failed and I also thought because republicans had been so generous with the proposed defense cuts that democrats might just be tempted to allow the commission to fail and go with the automatic cuts.  Fast forward almost a year later and that very scenario seems likely to happen with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declaring earlier in the week that unless republicans agree to tax increases he is inclined to forgo a deal and take the automatic cuts.  This is a disastrous scenario for the pentagon, which is still fighting a war in Afghanistan, and also needs to fund weapon systems that align with nation’s strategic pivot focusing more on Asia.  This deal seems to give the democrats what they always wanted, to break the pentagon’s budget once and for all.

Defense chief Panetta: Looming cuts would be ‘disastrous’

Senator Reid holding ground on defense cuts, Politico says – …


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