US Quietly Deployed Air Assets To Gulf

 The US Airforce has recently deployed both F-22 and F-15 fighter aircraft to undisclosed locations in the Persian Gulf region.  The move is likely a precaution against Iranian retaliation attempts if Israel decides to strike Iran.  I see this as a significant deployment for several reasons.  First, the US navy currently does not have any stealth capability so the addition of the F-22 is a significant upgrade to US capabilities in the region.  Second, this demonstrates how serious the situation with Iran is deemed by the pentagon because this marks the first time F-22’s, the US Airforce’s most advanced fighter jet, have ever deployed for a possible real world mission.  It appears many of the pieces required for war with Iran are already in position, lets hope they don’t have to be used.  Link to story below.

U.S. Amasses Stealth Jet Armada Near Iran


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