What The Hell Is Going On Here?


At first when I saw the story of two air force moms breastfeeding their kids while in uniform I thought well, you gotta do what you gotta do.  Unfortunately the more I keep reading about it the more I keep saying to myself that really all they are doing is seeking out attention for themselves, I don’t know am I wrong here?  Literally you have to ask, what the hell is going on here?  This is because over the last year mothers seem to make it a point to kind of show off the fact that they are breastfeeding in public.  The first time I heard of this was last year when some mom was told she couldn’t breast feed while at Target.  In response a bunch of moms decided to go and challenge Target by breastfeeding in public and daring them to do something about it.  I thought then that Target was out of line and if the kid needed to eat then it is what it is.  I still feel that way now, but I swear somethings changed, these moms now seem to going around breast feeding in public with the hope that someone does say something so they can turn it into an issue.  Or they just appear to like going out in public to show off their breast feeding like these two air force ladies.  It’s almost the equivalent of somebody dropping f-bombs left and right and then claiming freedom of speech, kind of like doing it just because you can.  Somebody let me know if I’m wrong here?  Link to story below.

Pic of breastfeeding servicewomen sparks debate


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