Brits Looking At Europe’s Demise As An Opportunity


I was just reading an article about what the British government was thinking in regards to the mess that is Europe.  What jumped out at me was how the guys at 10 Downing Street were looking at the current European crisis as an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of their relationship with Europe so as to loosen the ties that bind the two together.  In the article at entitled All will be forgiven if Cameron loosens the EU shackles, many of the current governments worst critics are essentially saying that the governments failings will be overlooked if they can either get Britain out of the EU or significantly reduce Brussel’s oversight of London.  What makes this even more interesting is that it is quite possible that Britain might find itself in possession of a trump card to deliver the renegotiation.  If Europe decides the only way to survive will be deeper integration which would allow for debt mutalization then they would have to have London sign off on any change, to get it many in London are calling for the renegotiation to happen.  As the article pointed out many Tory MP’s would like to withdraw from Europe altogether, but it is more realistic to think that it would in fact only lead to a partial withdraw.


2 responses to “Brits Looking At Europe’s Demise As An Opportunity

    • What mess? The sovereign debt crisis that was paralyzing Europe at the time the story was written A YEAR AND A HALF ago, maybe you didn’t notice that the story was written in 2012. The demise? Would have come if the ECB had failed to act, fortunately for Europe they did finally act with stop gap measures that bought Europe more time to reform. ” Europe equally looks at Brits as the deeply untalented shallow little islander monkeys they are.” -Maybe your right, but beyond the former French President Sarkozy no European leader has said anything such as you have and there has been no effort by the rest of Europe to get rid of Britain so apparently your wrong.

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