Battleground States Follow Up


People are really beginning to zero in on the key swing states so I found another interesting chart over at .  The chart gives poll numbers and unemployment figures for some key states but unlike the story from we did yesterday this has all the information on one chart.  I am getting a consistent theme about the battleground states, they usually have an economy that is better than the national average and Obama is usually winning in the polls.  Here is the link to original story below.




2 responses to “Battleground States Follow Up

  1. He is winning but for how long? Obama needs to refine his strategy. He needs to have an answer for rogue surrogates. This is the post Citizens United America and we sare becoming a pure Plutocracy. A champion of the middle class can only be elected if he runs a very fine tuned and disciplined campaign. With Bill Clinton, all but endorsing Romney on CNN yesterday, and the Obama reelection folks not having a response to it, has ended the last month in a very bad way for the President.

    They could not even contain the hysteria fanned by a Republican fear mongering campaign that is self replicating and HELPING to stunt economic recovery.

    However, there is stil a little time to draw the differences between Obama and Romney. This election should be a referendum on BOTH men. What has Obama done and what does he plan for the future. What has Romney done and what does he plan for the future. If both men are compared that would be a true choice.
    If it is done in this way, Obama will succeed. I do not think we are as stupid as the Romney aka Bush W’s folks (that form the majority of his team) think that we are!

    This is not the WMD connection and prevarication that connected Iraq with the 9/11 attacks. Business success does not translate into good governance. We are smarter than the Romney and his pansies think that we are, I hope! 🙂

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