Europe Holds The World Hostage

The fate of the global economy could soon be decided by what happens in europe.  What a bold statement, but yet it is true.  Your economic destiny is in the hands of Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.  That is because as Chancellor of Germany she is the only person in europe who wields enough power to actually put an end to the Euro Crisis.  If she decides that Germany will basically underwrite all of europe’s sovereign debt the problem might be solved, if she decides as she has so far that Germany will not do this then the crisis in europe will soon reach the breaking point and the Euro will literally crumble.  Once the Euro begins to crumble it has the potential to make 2008 look like a time of peace and prosperity.  Lehman in 2008 was just a bank, a bank that was wired into the global economy but still none the less just a bank.  The Euro is a major global currency 2nd only to the US dollar for countries to use as a reserve currency.  Also the Euro is the currency of the largest economy in the world, commonly called the Euro Zone.  Which do you think will have a bigger impact Lehman in 2008 or the Euro in 2012?

The week that Europe stopped pretending

Soros says Germany has three months to save eurozone


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