D-Day Anniversary

Sixty-Eight years ago today on June 6, 1944 Allied forces conducted the largest amphibious assault in the history of the world to secure a beachhead in France to eventually liberate Europe.  Take a look at some of the pictures especially the one above, then ask yourself how you would have felt the moment the ramp dropped and all hell broke loose?  Here are some stats on D-Day below.

Total troops in landing    156,000

Aircraft                               14,674 sorties

Ships                                   6,939

Dead                                   4,572 killed the first day

                                             209,000 total Allied deaths for entire Normandy operation

                                            4-9,000 Germans estimated to have died first day

                                            216,000 German deaths for entire operation

                                            200,000 German prisoners taken

Facts and figures of war – Telegraph

Remembering DDay, 66 years ago – The Big Picture – Boston.com



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