Democrats And Republicans Tired Of Leaks From White House

At a joint press conference Friday members from both sides of the aisle came together to denounce what they described as a cascade of leaks about national security issues to the press.  Ranging from details about the special operations raid that killed Bin Laden to the Stuxnet Virus used to slow Iranian progress on a nuclear bomb the leaks seem to just keep coming.  Some republican lawmakers are suggesting the leaks have been made to make the administration look tough on national security issues, a traditional weakness of democrats in the eyes of voters.  So far the white house has been able to resist calls for an independent investigator to be appointed but it remains to be seen how much longer they will be able to do this as pressure grows.  Right now it is just republicans like Sen. John McCain who have raised the idea of the independent prosecutor but democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein did say that she would not rule the possibility out.  This is a serious issue for the Obama team for two reasons.  First, it’s not just republicans saying this but also democrats who have used some fairly tough language in denouncing the leaks.  Second, if an independent prosecutor would be assigned it would be a disaster for the Obama administration, any veteran of the Bush or Clinton white house staffs would tell you that no administration wants an outsider going through their dirty laundry.  P.S.  Look at that picture above from their press conference, those are some serious scowls on their faces, they are really mad.

Top lawmakers pledge to crack down on leaks


8 responses to “Democrats And Republicans Tired Of Leaks From White House

  1. BARACK as many democrats (not all) are willing to carry out any political
    spin that wins them coming election / we have the (secret services) whom
    are involved in appalling fraud / great misuse of public taxes squandered,

    Appalling Sting campaigns by (govt agents) they are building friendships
    with very uneducated vulnerable people /they talk to them of committing
    acts of terrorism /then they are having the poor souls arrested in saying
    they were planning to carry out acts of terrorism. BARACK then breaking
    the news / claiming a terrorist attack was prevented // claiming democrats
    are the protecters of the people / they 24 / 7 work protecting the people.

    It’s simply appalling behaviour from democrats in Govt. BARACK has no
    sense of decency where but playing on the fears of the people in raising
    his oppertunity his chance of given another term as president as in Govt.

    What is the record of BARACK in Govt / the answer being so dismal that
    he as none in the democrat party bring it into focus / they but constantly
    blame others // where reality BARACK would more suited as an used car
    salesman not that as president / where one has to accept responsibility
    as act. Not just DO NOTHING then blame others /when faults appearing.

    Since being elected BARACK has been a DO NOTHING president be it
    the Palestinians or his own people /he having simply turned his back on
    all // having broke every promise having made / leaving all without hope
    rather than protect the rights of the people / he having further removed
    their rights / no longer even a right to protest. / Protesting is now illegal.

    The people’s in millions await election day to give BARACK their verdict.

    • I read your comments with horror. You describe the President as a do nothing President? His stimulus plan might not be popular because it was not fully explained, but it saved the country from certain depression.

      As for Foreign policy credentials, posts like yours make me cringe. Of course you are right to have your opinions but they are vitriolic and baseless. I do not expect my response to change the acidity and extreme disrespect and apparent hatred of our Commander in Chief. However, the facts regarding Obama’s foreign policy actions refute your contentions.

      You might be standing to vote him out during the elections but whom are you waiting to vote in. Romney??? Romney is a rich man whose past shows that he is the George Bush of the Republican party. He is an ambitious rich man who wants to be President and has no position and no character. I supported Bush but freely acknowledge that he was used by war mongers like Cheney and Rumsfeld. Under him, the entire system collapsed. What is Romney proposing that differs from Bush’s policies. Is your baseless hatred of the President enough to lead you against the best interest of America? Romney will not improve the economy, and if he implements his foreign policy policies, we will be at war again and broke again.

      Nothing about Romney’s policies indicate concern for the country. Also, his hawkish approach to relationships with other countries including his incendiary remarks about Russia reveal a total dearth of understanding of the world in which we live.

      I did not know what fanned your angry and vile rhetoric about our President however, you need to reexamine your angry rant and compare the facts to your feelings. Again, I do not expect to change your mind and expect an angry and emotive response to my measured one. However, if this is the face of the average American and his understanding of the political terrain, the country is in more trouble than I thought!

      • Mumlayer,
        I couldn’t help to refer to your comment as combative stirred by anger. Just as you refered to the comment of your aim, you were unable to influence or even prove your views with any validity. You would be better off to use your anger to drive yourself to research facts with better details and not respond with useless arguments
        Though I agree with you about the Bush administration’s ignorance of post invasion of Irac, I don’t think the self-worth of a canidate matters. The humanistic attraction to the Office is simply pride and power. Very few want to work for people’s freedom but desire to expand govt to have a legacy. Sad!

        Reguarding the article, if Feinstien is thinking of a independent prosecutor, makes you wonder how afraid even democrats are about what else could be leaked during the 4th quarter of the election.

  2. RonnRiddel,

    Thanks for your response but you did not share the matters you claim need factual support. My facts are strong and supported. However, I make it a point not to engage in arguments online with extremists on any side so the purpose of my post was not to convince any one of those folks. I am speaking to moderates and thinking Americans. I also find that KKK sympathizers are not reasonable online or elsewhere so if you are of those, either far left or right or hate groups, I will not respond.

    However, with the hope that you are just another fellow American that wants to share and exhange ideas—What are the facts you want researched and supported? That Romney’s plans will get corporations richer and this, historically does not create jobs AT ALL? Or that austerity plans in Europe and slashing taxes and spending leads to mass unemployment and chaos? The Ryan plan, some of which I have read, propose just the European slash model. I blame the Obama folks for not better explaining the choice between he and Romney. I also know that Obama has not touted his economic plans and achivements of his administration.

    Obama’s credentials on foreign affairs are strong and bullish. If you disagree, I want to read why you feel that way.

    I hope to be back to this blog sometime to read your well researched facts which you believe could rebutt any part of my well reasoned treatise 🙂

  3. mum lawyer is an obama troll, posting their antagonistic and racist garbage at hundreds of blogs. mum lawyer works for OFA.

    • I am back, and wanted to read some more on this interesting blog but again, I see this “Troll Hunter” faceless peasant is running all over the web making stupid wild assertions. I have a blog and a chain of custody regarding my remarks, who in the world are you? People like you should be raked our by subpoena from these sites. Faceless cowardly retards.

      This is a blog, and a blogger sharing his views, and you “Troll loser” run around misrepresenting, lying and conjecturing. You have the mind of a gnat and a lack of understanding about the electoral process. A faceless buffoon. A dunce. Narrow minded cretin that needs to be outed and stopped.

      Conservatives are not a monolithic group, you unread plebeian!! Gosh….

      As for this blog. The pieces are interesting and I will keep reading when I can.


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