This Is A Nasty War

I came across an odd article when looking for something to write about.  At first after reading it I thought I would probably pass on doing anything with it because it was kind of disturbing, but then I figured that we all owe it to those fighting on our behalf to understand what is going on over there as best as we can.  The article dealt with the huge rise in injuries to troops genitals, either losing parts of them or perhaps all of them.  Or maybe now they just don’t work at all or not work normal as before.  Some of you maybe thinking you would rather not keep reading and I could understand, but I think you should just so you have a better understanding of what are troops are up against.  Injuries to soldiers genitals have always been apart of war, its more of an issue now than past wars because people are surviving these wounds were as before they would have died.  According to the article the rate for genital injury in prior wars was about 2-3% of all wounds, now that number has climbed to a very scary  12.7% of all injuries.  There have been tens of thousands of soldiers wounded since 9/11 so that means quite a few will never have kids, or even just be intimate with a woman. That is real sacrifice.  Also the article mentioned that many soldiers had made pacts with their fellow soldiers that should they suffer this type of injury that their buddies should just let them bleed out, after learning of this I can understand why.  Check out the link below to read some heartbreaking stories about serving in the military during the GWOT.

 The Government Has Finally Responded To The Terrifying Rise In Traumatic Genital Injury

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2 responses to “This Is A Nasty War

  1. This is an issue not widely thought of by non-combatin civilians. These men are in the prime of their lives and the mental devastation of combat, let alone this, will only exceed the suicide rate of our heroric sons who protects us from terrorism.

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