On To Italy, Back To Greece


With this past weekends bailout of Spanish banks investors are now beginning to look to the Greek elections this weekend to see if Greece elects a party either for or against the EU imposed austerity measures that have demolished the economy but have secured the emergency funding to keep the government running.  Investors are also beginning to take a closer look at Italy to see if there is anything there they could get nervous over.  Italy being the Euro zone’s 3rd largest economy would be an end game scenario for the Euro if investors were to get too nervous and let panic set in.  With its huge debt and the size of its economy the EU would have serious problems raising the kind of capital needed to bail out Italy without thinking of radical measures, like debt mutualization.  So for now we will just have to wait and see, frankly I am growing tired of the whole situation.  It has been going on now for several years, it is clear that the EU is not currently capable of dealing with the matter in a decisive enough manner that will actually end the misery once and for all.  If I did not recognize the gravity of the situation for the wider global economy I would have already hoped Europe would have imploded so we could be done with it.

NEXT: Worry for Italy Quickly Replaces Relief for Spain…


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