China, Japan, And Germany Are The Real Axis Of Evil


The title says it all, the nations listed above prey on all the other nations they trade with by promoting their export based economies that purposely intervene to keep their currencies weak, have policies designed to discourage consumption, and encourage saving money.  Well that doesn’t sound that bad does it, they are only organizing themselves in a smart way, being competitive.  Wrong, their policies and the massive global imbalances (trade deficits countries like the US have with all of them) are directly responsible for the economic crisis in 2008.  Their trade surpluses with our country helped to fuel the housing bubble in this country that eventually went bust and collapsed the financial markets here.  It is well documented that German economic policies or german influence on EU economic policy has greatly contributed to the current crisis in Europe.  German banks helped fuel the housing bubble in Spain, as a matter of fact it is quite possible that the Euro has or will eventually turn into nothing short of a German economic empire, accomplishing what they failed to do militarily in the last century. Free Trade is a grand idea and would probably be a great thing for America if we could ever get it, but we won’t get it unless we  hold predatory nations such as these to account and level the playing field once and for all.  Until then we are just waiting for the next big melt down to happen.

Eurointelligence – Currency – The Weapon of Choice in Trade Wars

Insane in Spain –


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