Europe Overwhelmingly Favors Obama



French Obama supporters react to his election victory in November 2008.


If the Europeans could vote in the US presidential election Obama would win one of the most lopsided victories in US history.  Obama had the most support in France (no real surprise there) with 92% saying they would vote for him.  Interestingly enough China and much of the middle east were all against Obama’s reelection, so much for his dialogue with Islam.  The way I see it is all ways do the opposite of what the french would do and you can’t go wrong.  The first link below takes you to the original story which is pretty brief.  The second link takes you to a recent report about global attitudes towards the US, dealing with many issues like politics, business, culture, etc.  It is pretty interesting, it even shows you how opinions have changed over time.  If you ever cared what the rest of the world thinks of America you should take a look.

92% Want Obama Reelected – In FRANCE!


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