Obama Set To Recalibrate Message In Key Speech In Ohio



With what can only be described as a horrendous start to his 2012 reelection campaign President Obama is set to roll out a retuned message in the key battleground state of Ohio on Thursday.  Realizing that with the recent bad economic news coming out he has no real chance of running on his record the idea now is to change the debate from one about his record to a choice between himself and Romney.  Obama is also expected to rely on his administration’s favorite line of how they inherited a mess and the previous administration’s policies are what caused the problem.  You should also expect a very nasty campaign from Obama because now that they realized their record is not worth running on going negative will be one of the few options left to them.  What you certainly won’t hear from Obama is something along the lines of one of the theme’s of Reagan’s 84 campaign were he simply asked voters if they were better off since he had been in office.

Obama to defend economic record


One response to “Obama Set To Recalibrate Message In Key Speech In Ohio

  1. K.A. and well it should as it's incorporated into the article"He's not a terrorist. He's just misunderstood. Deep down inside him, there's gushing oil wells of untapped good."noboat, in many cases the American political elite identify with Islam, for reasons of their own. It's different in Europe.Dp, In practice you had a lot of Communist front groups that were difficult to trace back. And in the US now you have groups like CAIR and ISNA which can be traced back, but no one in authority wants to talk about any of it.

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