Who Is #1?


Who has the world’s number one economy in terms of size and who does the world think is number one?  That was the subject of a world-wide poll conducted recently.  The results were interesting with both the people’s of China and America thinking the other held the title.  In reality it is still America, but according to some experts that will change at the end of this decade with China expected to finally eclipse the US.  I say finally eclipse but that is misleading because the speed with which China’s economy has risen has been breath-taking.  For instance, back in 2004 or so there was a report done by an investment bank that said China would not pass up the US until around 2043 or so, so much for that.  What else is noteworthy about the study is that much of the world already assumes China is number one.  While China becoming number does not necessarily mean that they will rule the world right away, after all according to the article I read America became number one in 1871.  Most agree that it did not command the world until after World War II.  That is quite a long time from becoming the biggest economy to assuming true global leadership, although one has to factor that time seemingly moves faster today because technology pushes great events to happen faster.  This much is sure the United States went from unchallenged global supremacy at the beginning of this century to a super power not looking so super in the short span of less than ten years.  Well, at least it should be an interesting time to come.  Be sure to check out the link below and see who the world thinks is number one right now.

Daily chart

The world’s biggest economy


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