China Puts First Woman In Space, Who Cares?


China’s launched its first woman into space and I have to ask, who cares?  Is this some major milestone that the rest of the world should really take note of?  I could understand it being a big story in China because she is Chinese, as for the rest of the world especially the US and Russia which have had female astronauts in space for literally decades it seems rather redundant?  Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it this week and I am into space news.  The way the US media has made this out to be a huge deal is just something beyond me, I don’t understand it.  The real story here is that China sent 3 astronauts into space to perform docking manuevers for the first time with the space capsule Heavenly Palace.  This is actually important news because once mastered the docking skills will mark an important milestone for China’s space program as it tries to acquire the skills necessary to become a leading nation in space.  The fact that a woman happened to be one of the three really is not news worthy outside of China.

China puts its first woman astronaut into orbit

This woman was newsworthy because she was the first woman in space Russian cosmanaut Valentina Vladimirovna “Valya” Tereshkova who launched into space way back in 1963.



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