Obama Ends Deportations Of Younger ILegals


Against the backdrop of the nation’s unemployment figure rising recently the president brazenly went behind the back of congress to put an end to deportations of illegal aliens under the age of 30 who had graduated high school or served in the military.  Besides no longer having to fear deportation the president also granted them the right to work legally which for many in these times of high unemployment seems as if the idea was not well thought out.  I think this is nothing more than attempt to secure more votes this fall and if that is the case it really is a shame that the president decided to go around congress because of the divisive nature of the problem.  Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio expressed similar thoughts when he said he thought that it was great for the illegal immigrants but bad in that the president went behind congress to do it.  I myself just think it was bad period but that is another story.  You can sure tell the president never competed in the market place for a job against illegal immigrants, or had his wages reduced because illegals were willing to work for less.  Here is how one democrat described the move by the president.

“It’s a medium-risk, high-reward strategy,” said Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons. “I think you risk angering people who are upset about immigration, yes. But for a president who’s got to win Florida, Nevada, Colorado, it is definitely something that can give the Latino community something to rally around.”


Joy and anger...


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