US Reclaims Super Computer Crown

For the first time in several years the US has the world’s fastest supercomputer with the Department of Energy’s new IBM produced Sequoia.  The computer will be used to run simulated nuclear weapons test in the hopes of extending the life of the US’s nuclear deterrent without having to set off a real nuke.  The Sequoia is 1.5 times faster than the previous champ that was made in Japan.  However, it is not just speed that makes the Sequoia great, it is much more energy efficient.  The Sequoia consumes 7.9 megawatts vs. 12.6 for the Japanese super computer which can be a pretty big deal when a supercomputer can consume millions of dollars in electricity per year.  Building supercomputers is like an arms race being number one matters for prestige but also to compete globally in scientific research you must have massive computing power.  The Sequoia can do in days what a supercomputer 20 years ago would have taken months or maybe even years to calculate if it tried to do the most comples problems being worked on today.

US regains supercomputer crown…


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