Obama Lectured By Putin


Apparently Russian President Vladimir Putin lectured American President Obama in a tense meeting recently at the G20 summit in Mexico.  The lecture had to do with Russian resistance to American pressure on Syria.  America wants Syrian leader Assad gone but Syria is a client state of Russia and home to a Russian naval base.  Recently there had been reports that the Russians were sending in marines to bolster the naval base.  What is really interesting is that Obama had put so much effort into “Resetting” relations with Russia but as many tried to warn at the beginning of his term it has proven futile so far.  If Obama begins to realize that he cannot hope to sway Russian opinion on Syria and Iran it will be interesting to see if he will decide to bypass the UN in confronting either problem.  Or will Israel take Russian resistance as a sign that diplomacy is hopeless in dealing with Iran and go ahead and strike?  This much can be certain the world is in a critical stage where at any time a large war could break out in the middle east with uncertain outcomes.

‘The Two Men Barely Looked at Each Other’


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