Riding In Style, Your Tax Dollars At Work


Within 2 short years of being elected president the Obama administration had seen the number of limousines in the  federal governments inventory shoot up 73% according to the GAO (General Accounting Office).  Recognizing a problem of perception with the 2012 election coming up the Obama solution was not to get rid of all the new limos but rather to change the definition so the new number would not appear so large.  Then they asked the GAO to do another count which of course reflected smaller numbers because of the change in definition.  Your tax dollars at work, thanks Obama.

How many limos does the U.S. government actually use?


One response to “Riding In Style, Your Tax Dollars At Work

  1. Stimulas! Now lets see if we the federal have to bail out the ill-promised pentions of the state employees of Union and liberal states. Fox business reported a total of 375 BILLION.

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