The Mexican Presidential Election, Why You Should Care

In a few days Mexicans will head to the polls to elect their new president yet most in America aren’t aware or perhaps do not even care, here is why you should.  The other day we briefly touched on the brutal drug war going on in Mexico.  The latest figures on the violence are 60,000 dead and perhaps another 20,000 missing, with those figures in mind it is easy to see that the Mexican people are tired of the war and want a change in policy.  However, if you’re an American it is also easy to see why the US government supports continuing the war on drugs there because so much of the illegal drugs in the US originate from Mexico.  The reason why this presidential election is so important is that none of the candidates seem to support continuing the fight against the drug gangs that have taken over Mexico.  It would appear that they want a change in strategy (could this be code for looking the other way), and I’m sure at some level it is warranted.  The real question Mexicans should ask themselves is do they really think that if their government stops trying to crack down on drug gangs will it lead to a better Mexico?  While the Mexicans contemplate that the US should fully commit itself to securing the border with Mexico.  If the Mexicans do stop fighting the drug gangs then the flow of illegal drugs to the US will only get worse, couple that with illegal immigration and you have all the reason you need to justify it.

Mexico elections: failure of drugs war leaves nation at the crossroads

The Mexican Drug Cartels Are A National Security Issue


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