Played For A Fool


The Obama administration’s much touted “reset” with Russia that began in 2009 has finally and unequivocally revealed itself to be a total disaster, literally this president has been played for a fool and people have noticed.  The idea behind “reset” was to wipe the slate clean with Russia in an attempt to gain their help in the UN Security Council so the West could confront Iran diplomatically instead of militarily.  Any rational human being remotely interested in foreign policy knew it was doomed to fail.  In fact, the only really legitimate argument that could be made in support of it would have been that it had to be tried to see if it was at all possible to avoid war with Iran over their pursuit of the bomb.  Most would still have believed it was doomed to fail but at least the one last try argument to prove to the world we are not insane war mongerers made some sense.  The problem has been that even though the Obama administration has been faced with near overwhelming evidence that Russia was not really going to help with Iran the Obama administration has continued along with “reset” for three and half years with no change in sight.

It’s not just Iran where this has become a problem, the Russians emboldened by America’s weakness under Obama have challenged the US in Syria, Georgia, Eastern Europe and so forth.  Syria just happens to be the latest in a long string of black eyes for the US courtesy of the Russians.  The most disturbing fact about Syria is that this administration actually seems surprised by Russian intransigence there.  Until Obama realizes that Putin is not a willing partner but is instead the head of state of a country that is determined to undermine US policy at every possible turn he will never get anywhere with the Russians.

Putin’s Got America Right Where He Wants It


3 responses to “Played For A Fool

  1. This absolute proof this President would rather apologize for America than stand up and recognize the shear determination of our fore Fathers and Vets that paved a world power in less than 200yrs.
    Happen to read the book of Jude (right before Revelations) this week. Jude is the brother of Jesus and James. The short book warns us against apostacy — the turning away from Christ and that God WILL punish a rebellion against him!
    I say this because we as a nation are apologizing and being a dish rag to the least little threat of un-Godly UN nations. We run the Stink’in thing, so why are we taking orders from lesser countries. “In God we trust” is what gave us our Liberties.
    We must be careful not to drift away from a faithful commitment to Christ!
    – Call me finaticle, but it’s the truth. Research it with an open heart.

  2. It is embarrasssing how weak this administration looks when dealing with Russia, schocking they are still trying the same appeasement strategy when its clear it hasn’t worked.

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