Chief Justice Roberts Flipped His Vote To Save Obamacare


CBS has reported that Chief Justice Roberts originally sided with conservatives before ultimately changing sides to give the winning vote for Obamacare.  The article mentioned that unlike most of the other judges on the court Roberts does follow media reports about the court.  It has been theorized that even though he really did not find the law constitutional he decided to change his vote in an attempt to protect the Supreme Court’s image.  Many wondered if the court’s reputation would not have been badly damaged in the eyes of liberals had they struck down the law.  Of course, because of their decision in favor of Obamacare many conservatives now feel the court is out of control.  What does seem pretty clear at this point is that for what ever reason Roberts decided in favor of Obamacare essentially saying to republicans that if you don’t like the law then you need to try to change it through congress and not the courts.



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