Gingrich Says Power Outages Similar To EMP BLast

You know Newt Gingrich can be a little weird, often saying wild, off the cuff remarks that leave you wondering if he just likes to hear himself talk?  But, every now and again he does raise some critical points.  Which is what I think he has done here by comparing all the power outages to what a small EMP (electro magnetic pulse) blast might inflict.  If you have ever been without power for days on end you know how annoying it can be, factor in extreme heat or cold and it can turn down right dangerous quick.  But what if the US was attacked with an EMP device that caused most of the country to go without power for an extended period of time like months?  The result would be devastating, the economy would collapse along with pretty much society itself.  More than likely millions would die by starvation, the effects would be catastrophic.  It is something that is worth thinking about as more and more states get the bomb (think Iran).  Really all somebody would have to do is put a warhead on a ballistic missile and launch it from a container ship out at sea.  Detonate it in the atmosphere and the US is sent back to the stone age with minimal effort.  States like North Korea and soon Iran already have the capability and unfortunately there is not much we could do to defend against this, kind of scary.  The second link below will give you a more in depth look at what life would be like after an EMP blast.

Newt Gingrich: ‘Mild Taste of What an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Would Do’…


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