500 Year Old Map Of The New World Found

A university in Germany has found a 500 year old map of the new world that was accidentally put away in a book about geometry several hundred years ago.  The original article comes from the english language version of www.spiegel.de/international which is an excellent place to get news about Germany and europe from a German perspective.  For anyone who is interested it also has several insightful stories about the current Euro crisis so if you get a chance check it out.  Below is a brief excerpt from the original story.

Researchers believe the map is a smaller global map created by Waldseemüller, who lived from 1470-1522, and became famous for a three-square-meter world map he drafted. That work is often referred to as America’s “birth certificate,” because it is the first map to describe the New World as “America”. Indeed, Waldseemüller helped to establish “America” as the name of the newly discovered continent in honor of the expeditions made by Italian sailor Amerigo Vespucci.”

For the entire story follow the link below.

Finding America University Discovers Lost Early Map of New World


This is a picture of the larger map that the one in this story is based on.


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