Federal Govt. Pushing Arizona Down Dangerous Path


Much as this blog predicted (End Of America) after the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that shot down parts of Arizona’s immigration law the state is beginning to come up with ways to subvert federal authority so they can fix their illegal immigration nightmare.  A measure is being brought about that seeks to undermine federal authority by giving Arizona the ability to ignore federal law that the state deems unconstitutional (in other words they would be doing the job of the US Supreme Court).  Let me start by saying that I sympathize with Arizona because the federal government has truly failed them on border security, and initiatives like these are the unfortunate natural byproduct of the federal government failing to live up too its constitutionally mandated role in securing the border.  Having said that this initiative would start the whole country down the slippery slope of undermining federal authority that could eventually lead to a United States that is not so united.  I know many people might scoff at the idea that something like this could bring about a severely weakened federal government, or worse states actually seceding from the Union.  But people should also consider how bad the situation in Arizona has become and remember that because the federal government shot down much of the state’s immigration law it is only going to get worse.

AZ initiative would let voters overrule federal law…



3 responses to “Federal Govt. Pushing Arizona Down Dangerous Path

  1. “The federal government did not create the states, the states craeted the federal government.” — Ronald Reagan

  2. People say there’s this “racism” problem. They say this “racism” problem will only be solved when people from the Third World pour into every white country… and only white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan and Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve their “racism” problem by bringing in millions of Third World immigrants and “assimilating” them.

    But they do say the solution to this “racism” problem is for every white country, and only white countries, to “assimilate” (which means: have kids with) all those other people… who outnumber white people many times over.

    What if you said there was this “racism” problem which could only be solved by bringing hundreds of millions of non-Black people into every Black country… and only Black countries? How long would it take someone to realize you weren’t really talking about solving a “racism” problem, you were just talking about a genocide? And what kind of Black person wouldn’t object to that?

    But if I tell the obvious truth about the campaign of genocide against white people, then liberals and “respectable” conservatives all agree: I must be a “racist”.

    They say they’re “anti-racist”, but what they really are is anti-white.

    “Anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-white.

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