America Then And Now

Fascinating comparison done by about how America compares now to the America in the 1960’s.  Needless to say things have not necessarily improved on some issues.

1.  The average man weighed 166 lbs vs. 194 lbs. now.

2.  The average woman weighed 140 lbs. vs. 164lbs. now.

3.  The average age then was 29 vs. 37 now.

4.  7.7% of adults had a college degree in 1960 vs. 28% now.

5.  72% of all adults were married vs. only 51% now.

6.  Only 2% said they had no religious affiliation then vs. 14% now.

7.  Then about 2x as many people liked baseball over football, now football is favored by 4x the number of people over baseball.

8.  40% smoked in 1969 vs. 22% now.

9.  12% said alcohol was an issue in their family vs 30% today.

Sure there have been somethings that are undoubtedly a great improvement today versus back then such as civil rights (even though it was ongoing then it had not reached critical mass yet) but it also seems that on a broad measure of data things have gotten noticeably worse here.

How  The Average American Has Changed Since The 1960s
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