Presidential Campaign Update, Should Obama Be Worried?

With several polls now showing Romney taking the lead is it time for Obama to start worrying.  After all the president relentlessly attacked Romney during the past month with negative ads out in overwhelming force.  Make no mistake Obama is certainly not running on hope and change this time out, his campaign is all about going negative against Romney.  Unfortunately for the president after going so hard after Romney, his campaign even ran a deficit last month, he has nothing to show for it.  On top of this you have his regrettable statement about business owners not being responsible for their own success which has boomeranged on the president putting his campaign on the defensive.  A few weeks ago I wrote how Romney appeared to be the one in trouble.  My feelings right now are that if the GOP had a top-tier candidate running against Obama he/she would clean the president’s clock because people seem to be so down on his administration.  Fortunately for the president Mitt Romney is his opponent.  As we have seen with his latest gaffe about the London Olympics not being ready (which is probably true) right before he visits London shows  sometimes he can leave much to be desired.  Obama still has some things going for him in several key battleground states so that coupled with Romney’s inability to effectively campaign against the president will combine to make this race a lot closer than it should be.







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