The Problem For Republicans


As much as I may hate to admit it Obama, barring any unforseen calamity, will more than likely win a 2nd term this November.  I obviously don’t like that scenario but since I have long suspected that would be the outcome it is a little easier to accept.  What I find most disheartening about this election is how the GOP’s prospects for taking control of the senate have recently begun to fall apart.  With Maine Senator Oympia Snowe set to retire and Rep. Clay Akin’s collapse in the race for the Missouri Senate now held by Claire McCaskill the chances for a GOP takeover are on life support.  What a horrible outcome for not only republicans but really the country also because if this does happen then we are probably going to get even more of the same gridlock of government we have witnessed since 2010.  With the nation facing dire financial decisions beginning at the first of the new year the thought of having to endure even more of what we have already witnessed for the last two years can’t really appeal to either democrats or republicans.  The real question is can the nation afford another 2 years of gridlock, unfortunately I am sure the answer is no.

Doubtful forecast for GOP takeover


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