Presidential Debates Round One Goes To Romney Convincingly


Well we have just had the first presidential debate and it was pretty obvious that Romney won the night.  Obama looked a little nervous at the beginning, slightly stumbling over his words.  He also appeared to be both disinterested at times and also surprised that Romney was aggressively coming at him.  It would be wrong to say that Obama didn’t have any positive moments but on the whole even democratic surrogates admitted that Obama was off his game and that Romney had won.

On the other hand Romney clearly commanded the stage from the beginning of the debate by aggressively going after Obama.  But it wasn’t just Romney being aggressive that won the night, Romney looked both invigorated and comfortable during the debate.  Almost like he had been waiting for this opportunity to show off his command of the issues to the public.

What does all this mean?  Well the big news is that his strong performance gives Romney a chance to clear the airwaves of all the negativity that has surrounded his campaign in recent weeks.  It also gives people who were unsure about Romney confidence that he can lead the country.  The bottom line is that tonight’s debate turn an already close race that much closer and it should be a fight to the finish.


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