I Love My Country But…..

I consider myself a patriot and I love my country but sometimes here lately I look around me and find myself saying something to the effect that “man this country seems like a sh#t hole anymore”.  Reasons for this seem all to numerous as of late but I will start with what everybody cares the most about, money and jobs.  You can’t get a good job anymore so that being the case nobody has any money.  That is nobody outside of Wall Street.  Can somebody please explain how the same companies who played leading roles in the recent economic melt down have been on a mega bender (making money hand over fist) during the last four years fueled by funny money courtesy of the FED.  So yeah you guessed it the FED prints phantom money to keep interest rates low and some of the main beneficiaries are the guys on Wall Street, incredible.  Getting back to the average Joe on the street even if you are fortunate enough to have a job we all know and understand that the jobs that are actually available today certainly are not like they used to be.  I mean many of these jobs are so bad that you would have to work 2 of them to make ends meet.  Don’t get me started on government workers.  I know many of you actually work hard but I also know that the wages you are paid do not correspond to what people are making in the private sector anymore.  A while back the local paper published the salaries of some government employees.  One of those happened to be a teacher (not a principal or some other specialist) with 10 years experience who made over $70,000 a year.  God bless all our teachers and literally thank God for the teachers in Connecticut many who I am sure paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting their students.  But $70,000 for an elementary school teacher (in Ohio, you know fly over territory) who only works 9 months a year, that is absurd especially in today’s economy.

Speaking of the Connecticut school shooting last week who would not think less of their fellow-man after something as horrendous as that?  What a horrible tragedy that also raises some disturbing questions about this country.  I generally support the 2nd Amendment but after this insane act of terror and murder against the most vulnerable in our society it does make you think hard about what you believe.  Anybody who says different has me a little concerned.  What I do know for sure is that I do still support the 2nd Amendment but I am open to ideas like stricter certification process especially for assault weapons.  Besides the tragedy itself one of the oddest things I have seen have been how many pro gun people have taken to Facebook to reaffirm their right to bear arms.  They see the tragedy and do not mention it but do find time to promote their beliefs, just seems a little odd.  Anyway this post could go on forever (that is a sad indictment on the state of the nation right there) but those were just a few things that popped into my mind.  Oh, and in spite of what I just said I still love my country!



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