Women In Combat

Word came out yesterday that the US Army and Marine Corps would be forced to integrate women into ground combat units like the infantry.  Despite all the evidence from numerous tests and experiments the military has done that show women are physically not up to the job senior leaders decided that women deserved the chance.  Young men in our infantry units will soon be in increased danger because they will have to serve with inferior soldiers who endanger the lives of the entire units the serve in because they are physically weaker than male soldiers.  One defense official was quoted as saying that “The objective was ‘to open up positions to men and women with a gender-neutral standard’ which may require an adjustment – but not a lowering – of physical qualifications, a senior DOD official said”.  Notice the official already has admitted that the standards will have to be changed but of course they won’t be lowered.  This is an embarrassment, this is the kind of thing that you would find in a European army that focuses on training for the next parade instead of the next war.  I feel sorry for those male grunts that will have to be maimed or killed just so some woman can punch her promotion ticket.


7 responses to “Women In Combat

    • Clearly you have never served in the infantry, its just not a matter of passing some test which the vast majority of women are not going to. Its about being able to maintain your physical readiness over long deployments when you won’t have time to go to the gym and put extra work in. In other words over a 12 month deployment your body will degrade physically compared to the time when you first entered the theater. This doesn’t even address the injury issue, women being weaker will get injured more often. This is a proven fact, numerous studies have already shown this to be the case and in world of ever shrinking defense budgets should we really waste money on training people who are much more likely to fail the training because of injury? I don’t think so, if you don’t believe me then how about this female marine’s opinion on the matter? http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2903490/posts

  1. No, i have never served in the infantry. I am only 17 years old. The problem with what you are saying is that you are blanketing all women as being at the same level physically. There are some women who display superior physical attributes to other women and even some men. So why should gender be a reason to disqualify someone from serving on the front-lines? Why not make it just physical ability? Also, female members of the US military have argued on both sides of this issue, along with male members too.

    • “So why should gender be a reason to disqualify someone from serving on the front-lines?” Its simple because why should the military have to go through all the trouble to integrate combat units so a very small minority of women could actually attempt infantry training and even smaller amount actually pass the standards, and then even smaller still amount that could effectively conduct infantry combat opertations over sustained period of time. To do that the woman will have to have the natural strength and stamina without being able to boost this by going to the gym, in other words she would literally have to be a freak of nature. So then the question becomes should the military have to go through all the trouble so an infintismally small amount of women, maybe 1 or 2%, can be in the infantry? This doesn’t even get into the fact that women have certain hygene requirements that males do not. How is it fair to men in combat that special allotments will be made for that one freak of nature woman in the unit to be able clean herself more often and seperately from the rest of the unit? You also never addressed the original point of my first post was that the military is already admiting that they will change the standard to accomodate the women. Of course they say that they will not lower the standard just change it. Trust me when I say that is code for we will do what ever it takes to make sure enough women pass the standard so they can punch their own promotion ticket.

  2. I reject your notion that it is too much work to integrate for the few. The US is all about equal opportunity. Even if there are only a few women who can make the cut they should have that equal opportunity to make the cut. Also, there are plenty of American men who can’t serve on front-lines. Why should they have the chance to attempt to be in combat roles and women not? Lowering standards to say the military is more diverse does worry me and I would not support lowering standards.

  3. You yourself said that you would not support lowering the standard but that is exactly what will happen. As I have repeatedly said they are acknowleding the standard will be changed to accomodate women. How can you change the standard and say that is not lowering the standard. The history of women in the military is that the standard is constantly lowered to accomodate them. Why should standards have to be lowered to accomodate women so they can get promoted faster?

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