North Korean Nuclear Missles And Obama’s Missile Defense Policy

"President Obama campaigned on gutting America’s missile defense, and he has kept his promise."

“President Obama campaigned on gutting America’s missile defense, and he has kept his promise.”

Word accidentally leaked out today that the pentagon secretly assumed that North Korea does in fact have the capability of putting a nuke on a missile.  This flies in the face of the myriad of statements by  defense officials in the past that routinely dismissed the idea that North Korea had developed nuclear capable missiles.  To say that this a complete game changer for America’s policy towards the rogue state is an understatement because now there is the very real possibility that North Korea could lob a missile to the west coast of the United States.  Sadly, it also shows how little trust you can put in our elected officials.  Remember, many of these same democrats running the pentagon and the Obama administration have been telling us for years that missile defense was a uneeded waste of tax payer dollars.  I have no doubt that our missile defense programs have been executed in a completely inefficient fashion because that is par for the course for the pentagon because politicians secretly like it that way.  Unfortunately just because it was developed in a wasteful manner does not mean it was not needed.

To be frank the Obama administration has done such a bad job of handling America’s missile defense that it has had to overrule its own reverse of the Bush administrations’ missile defense policy.  Read this excerpt from a piece from .

“The U.S. could have already had those 14 more interceptors in place, along with another 10 in Europe next year.  The Bush administration deployed the first ground-based interceptor (GBI) in 2004, and had planned to deploy a total of 54. In 2009, Obama pulled the plug on that plan, and cut GBI deployment to just 30.”

To say that the Obama administration is incompetent on missile defense would be an understatement.  The fact of the matter is that he and his administration are down right dangerous.

Interceptor about to be emplaced in a silo, Fort Greely …


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