The Fox Effect, How Fox News Is Destroying The Republican Party

It’s a bold statement but I believe it is accurate because Fox News has accumulated so much influence with people on the right that they never get their news from any other source.  This has allowed people on the right to hold positions that would never be tolerated if there was no Fox News.  Examples of the Fox Effect would be the House republicans almost causing the country to default two years ago.  There is no way this happens if Fox News isn’t  there to provide an echo chamber for many of these hard liners.  Perhaps one of the best examples of the Fox Effect was the war in Iraq.  The Bush administration was able to blow off the naysayers for years while its war plan to fight the insurgency failed miserably.  One of the primary reasons was that Bush’s base only watched Fox News so they always got some spin like “you always hear the bad but never the good happening in Iraq”.

Perhaps the single most important consequence of the Fox Effect is that it is destroying the republican party because republicans have begun tailoring their national message to fit Fox News (trust me when I say that Mitt Romney won the people who watch Fox).  At first this seems like a smart move but further review finds that making your message to fit only Fox News means that as a party you will be permanently relegated to 2nd tier status.  Another way of putting it would be to say that republicans wont win another national election again so long as they continue to tailor their message to only Fox News because as influential as it is it is still not representative of the entire country.  In closing,  I would say that Fox News is the natural response to a national media that is normally left of center, republicans leaders need to remember that to be a national party you have to appeal to more than people who only watch Fox.  Republican voters need to remember that they should try get their news from more than just Fox, that way maybe they would not have been so surprised about the outcome of last year’s presidential election.  For the record I do watch Fox News and lean conservative.


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