Is Obama The Sleaziest President Since Nixon?

With three separate scandals brewing all at once it is a fair question to ask.  What has been on display this week is just how sleazy an operation the Obama White House really is.  The bottom line on these scandals is this administration is full of thugs and bullies who routinely go about trying to intimidate people who don’t agree with them.  From running the dirtiest campaign in modern memory to using the IRS as a modern take on the KGB this administration seems to believe that they can’t be held accountable so they are free to act like the thugs they really are.  Finally the main stream media has awaken to the fact that this guy is not anything at all like the man they had tried to portray over the last 4 years.  This reminds me of Bush during the Katrina fiasco, the press finally turned their guns on the president and didn’t let up for the rest of his presidency.  If Obama gets even half of that hostility he might as well go hang it up because his team is not used to being challenged by the press.  One democratic operative declared that the Obama administration were “scandal virgins” because they had never been involved in one yet and it reflected in their inability to get out in front of the scandals.  Of course I must sympathize with them because when you have not 1 but 3 separate scandals brewing all at once one could easily overwhelmed.


America Is Being Ruined By A Dysfunctional Media


The people of America are being manipulated by the media and it has taken a serious toll on the country as a whole.  Our dysfunctional media are partly responsible for many of the recent crises we have faced.  Examples of this can be found all over our recent history on both sides of the political aisle.  For example, there is no doubt the American media helped lead the country blindly into the war in Iraq.  As a conservative some might be puzzled by my trouble with this but the fact that almost no credible news organization challenged the idea of whether we were really threatened by Saddam’s phantom WMD stockpiles is a serious stain on the media as a whole.  Also the fact that the mainstream media has been historically biased leaning slightly left (no rational person could deny this based on the simple fact that all the media types go to the same ivy league schools where they are indoctrinated with liberal leaning agendas) naturally led to Fox News being established and its subsequent explosive growth.  I remember when Fox first came out and conservatives were thrilled.  Fox helped power the Bush administration’s agenda in the first term.  Unfortunately there has been some serious consequences to the rise of Fox News for both conservatives and the country as a whole.  First, Fox was such a powerful draw on conservatives that they literally tuned into Fox and tuned out of the rest country.  This allowed the Bush administration to wallow around in Iraq with a loser strategy for years all because the republican base was watching Fox News and hearing the tired old cliché “you only hear the bad about Iraq and not all the good that is happening”.  Well we know how that finished, the rest of the country demanded change and forced Bush into a corner.  To his credit he saved the American endeavor in Iraq with The Surge but only because all the people who weren’t watching Fox News demanded change.  Second, because Fox News completely dominates the conservative news cycle the republican party has fashioned its message to only match with the type of people who watch Fox News.  That may not sound like a bad idea to some but since the vast majority of the country doesn’t watch Fox News so it is a sure fired way to relegate the republican party to national irrelevance. 

There are plenty of examples where the left has benefitted from the MSM’s liberal bias.  Most recently was our last 2 presidential elections.  In 2008 the MSM drooled all over themselves with their overwhelming positive coverage of Barrack Obama.  In 2012 Obama again benefitted from the MSM when most of them refused to challenge him over the debacle in Benghazi, culminating in Candy Crowley’s now infamous gaffe.  I would mention MSNBC because they are guilty of everything Fox is but probably even worse, however, they are not nearly as popular.  One has to wonder with a media as bad as ours is how long can this country continue to thrive when in a democracy and free market economy the free flow of accurate information is perhaps the most singularly important commodity of all?

US Trade Policy, Another Example Of Our Government’s Icompetence

GM will shift production of the XTS above to China so they can avoid paying the Chinese tariff of 25% and export back to the US where there is no 25% tariff courtesy of our government.

GM will shift production of the XTS above to China so they can avoid paying the Chinese tariff of 25% and export back to the US where there is no 25% tariff courtesy of our government.

Over at is a story about how GM just won approval from the Chinese government to build a new Cadillac plant there with the capacity to build 150,000 new cars.  Along with this comes an announcement that GM is going to move production of its brand new flagship sedan the Cadillac XTS to this new plant in China.  Now I don’t really blame GM for this move because I believe that it is governments responsibility to set the conditions for success for both individuals and corporations.  Our government in all its wisdom has decided that we ourselves will remove most of our barriers to trade so that countries like China can export all their garbage here and make a fortune while in the process we lose millions of jobs to countries like China.  Our government is then stupid enough to actually believe that this policy encourages predator nations like China to open up their market when in reality we just get more chinese junk, less American jobs, and bigger trade deficits.

Some will say that the Chinese do support our budget deficit by financing it with the money our government allowed them to steal from us.  My response is that this practice has only encouraged our incompetent government to continually run ever larger budget deficits because the American people are too dumb to care and the extra money the government spends helps get some of these politicians re-elected so in reality it is like a double whammy to the country.  To prove my point about our government being responsible the article from autoblog mentioned that the reason they were shifting production of the new XTS to China was to avoid that countries 25% tariff if GM would have shipped it from the US.  This tells us that we don’t have  a similar tariff on automobiles produced in China and shipped to the US.  The real question is why we don’t match the Chinese tariff for tariff?  Pretty soon we won’t have to worry about this because we won’t have anymore jobs to send to China nor the ability to buy their junk.  All thanks to those morons in Washington.

Some Of The First Americans Were Cannibals

British settlers in Jamestown resorted to cannibalism

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A facial reconstruction of “Jane of Jamestown” sits alongside the recovered skull Photo: AP



Today it was announced that anthropologists had found proof that at least some of the first English settlers in America had turned to cannibalism to survive what became known as “the starving time” at the Jamestown settlement.  To support these claims various human remains from the settlement were displayed with evidence that various meat cutting tools were used to dismember the bodies.  Of note was one 14 year old girl whose skull had multiple indentations that were made by someone chopping at her head.  The anthropologists theorized that she was probably a maid servant or daughter that died of natural causes but was then fed on during a time of intense starvation.  They even displayed a 3 dimensional model of the young girl’s face which makes for interesting viewing when you think that other human beings ate her.

According to the original article the settlement’s leader Captain John Smith gave a written account of another colonist who was tried, convicted, and executed for murdering his pregnant wife for food.  Captain Smith had this to say about the matter.

“One amongst the rest did kill his wife, powdered her, and had eaten part of her before it was known, for which he was executed, as he well deserved.

“Now whether she was better roasted, boiled or carbonado’d (barbecued), I know not, but of such a dish as powdered wife I never heard of.”

The period known as “the starving time” was extremely brutal on the colonists reducing the population from several hundred before the winter to about 60 survivors that spring.

Big 3 All Gain Market Share For The First Time In Over 20 Yrs.

Are the US auto makers on the come back trail?  It is a question worth asking with today’s announcement that all three have gained market share for the first time in over 20 years.  Even though I supported the bailout I still would not say that this is proof positive that it was worth it but I would say that this is a big step in the right direction.  There is no doubt that the Big 3 automakers are making better product than they have made in a long time.  The real question is can they sustain this new-found momentum and build on it or will this be a small blip in the near continuous 30 year plus fall in market share?  The one thing that does give hope is that these numbers are not skewed by the Japanese Tsunami that put a terrible dent in the Japanese auto manufacturers numbers.  Rather the Japanese manufacturers have already had their expected big recoveries and so we can say that it appears the Detroit 3 actually earned this.  Here is to hoping that this represents a new renaissance in American auto manufacturing.