America Is No Longer A Superpower

When I first started writing this article I wrote the title as a question.  Upon further reflection I came to the easy decision that there really wasn’t any question about it and that I should write it as a statement instead to better reflect reality.  As our fearless leaders in Washington both republican and democrat debate whether or not we should launch military strikes against Syria I think it is time to acknowledge that our days of being a Superpower have passed.  Yes, we do still have the world’s most powerful military by far but that fact doesn’t look so powerful when you begin to realize that for us to use this military we have to borrow the money, mostly from China.  Can you really claim to be a real Superpower when you are dependent on rival regimes to finance your mighty military?  To me the answer is obvious and has been since the Great Recession began.  The sad fact of the matter is that we are now dependent on borrowed money from rival foreign powers to do anything militarily.  What happens when our interests don’t align with the people that are lending us the money?



US Now Bankrolling British Intelligence So They Can Spy On Americans


Recently leaked documents revealed that the NSA has paid the British to spy American citizens to circumvent US law.

Recently leaked documents revealed that the NSA has paid the British to spy American citizens to circumvent US law. 


In a shocking revelation courtesy of Edward Snowden it has now been revealed that the US has been paying the British for their intelligence services.  This includes using the British to spy on American citizens because the NSA is regulated by US law, supposedly to prevent the spy agency from spying on ordinary Americans.  This is a bombshell on multiple levels.  First, because of what we already mentioned and second, because the British are revealed in the documents to be keenly aware that they are the junior partner in the relationship.  In other words they readily acknowledge that they are providing a service to a paying client.  Check out these inflammatory quotes below and then head over to for the whole story.

“We both accept and accommodate NSA’s different way of working,” the document said. “We are less constrained by NSA’s concerns about compliance.”

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Deer Trail, Colorado Considers Issuing Hunting Liscense To Shoot Down Drones


You have to love the fighting spirit of rural America when you hear news like that out of Deer Trail, Colorado where officials are debating whether or not to issue permits to shoot down drones.

“Officials from Deer Trail, Colo., are thinking about issuing $25 hunting licenses to shoot down drones. The town would even go further and award $100 to someone with a license who could provide proof that he shot down the drone”

Needless to say the Feds were not real happy about the idea of citizens attempting to down one of their high priced drones.  The FAA pleaded with the public not to shoot at the drones.  Officials from Deer Creek responded by saying that “The FAA doesn’t have the power to make a law”.  With that in mind perhaps the FAA should think twice about routing drones on flight paths that overfly Deer Creek.

The Earth As Seen From Saturn And Mercury

The brightest blue dot in the picture is the earth.  The picture was taken by the Cassini Probe while orbited around the planet Saturn.

The brightest blue dot in the picture is the earth. The picture was taken by the Cassini Probe while orbiting around the planet Saturn roughly 900,000,000 miles away. Courtesy of

This a picture of the Earth from the Messenger Probe which is orbiting around Mercury about 60 million miles away.  You can clearly see the moon orbiting the Earth with roughly 200,000 miles between them.

This a picture of the Earth from the Messenger Probe which is orbiting around Mercury about 60 million miles away. You can clearly see the moon orbiting the Earth with roughly 200,000 miles between them.

Do Young Americans Deserve Their High Unemployment And The Burden Of Funding Obamacare?

Wow, what a loaded question but one that is relevant given how bad things are for young people in America today.  A recent story by highlighted the tough job market that recent college grads face right now.   They reported that “The latest Bureau of Labor statistic numbers indicate that job seekers between 20 and 24 years old face a 13.2 percent unemployment rate, compared to the 10.5 percent youth unemployment rate in 2007. The current national average is 7.6 percent. Akers adds that college degree holders normally should fare better than those without them.”  Those are troubling statistics but when coupled with the fact that young people now will also have to carry the new burden of having to fund Obamacare it seems almost that there was malice in the heart of the people of the Obama Administration when they crafted this legislation.  Most young people probably never considered the fact that Obamacare means that they will have to pay higher insurance premiums (it is an accepted fact that the plan is made possible by forcing the healthy to enroll in insurance plans to help subsidize the older population).  If they would have thought about this and the continuously dismal youth job market it is fair to wonder if they would still vote for Obama?

Service Organizations Give Grads Fulfillment, and a Job out of …

Military To Lower Standards To Accomodate Women

The truth about how women will be able to join the infantry came out today when the military admitted that they would change the current standards to come up with one that will allow women to be able to pass.  This is disturbing news because when you’re in the military you have it drilled in your head that standards are meant to be achieved not changed to accommodate one’s own weakness.  If women really belong in the Infantry then why will they not be required to pass the same standard that men have had to pass for years?  If the military claims it will not lower standards to accommodate women then why are they changing the standard now that women will be allowed in?

The Immigration Bill’s biggest Loser, Poor People

The group that stands to lose the most with the disaster that is the senate immigration bill are poor Americans.  This bill declares open season on poor Americans of all colors.  Black, white, brown, yellow it matters not what matters is where you are in terms of your skill sets.  If your less educated and less skilled than this bill is an absolute disaster for your future employment prospects.  The irony in all of this is that it is this same group of Americans that have been hammered hardest by the Great Recession, with many having still not recovered.  This is how your incompetent federal government (both republican and democrat) propose to help those that need help the most.  They want to bring in more low skilled workers that are willing to work for less than Americans are so they will compete for jobs with Americans and also drive down their wages.  All courtesy of our own government.  Meanwhile as that goes on the democrats will then inform the nation that we aren’t spending enough money to help the help the poor in this country that can no longer get a job because a bunch of formerly illegal immigrants took their jobs.

Nothing similar like this has happened since the end of the Roman Empire.  In 376 AD the Eastern Roman Emperor Valens under pressure invited Germanic barbarians to settle within Roman borders.  They revolted, annihilated the Eastern Roman Empire’s field army and set the stage for the ultimate collapse of the Western Roman Empire in about 100 years time from the original invitation.  Our own history shows how this works out as well.  The Mexican government invited American settlers to Texas in the early 19th century.  Not long after these same settlers revolted against the Mexican authorities and eventually won their independence.

I am not saying all of these immigrants will revolt and destroy America.  I am saying that they are going to have a negative impact on our country by taking jobs from poor Americans and by overwhelmingly supporting liberal policies.  Another piece of irony is that black Americans were the reason Obama was voted into office twice and it will be the immigration bill that he signs that will destroy what is left of the black middle class.  But the biggest laugher out of all of this is that the morons in the republican party actually think that they will get some tangible benefit for their party by doing this while in reality all they will accomplish is creating the conditions for a democratic monopoly on federal power.  Hollywood could not write a better script.  I am not naive enough to think we don’t need immigrants to help power this economy forward into the 21st century.  I am confident though that we should not offer up amnesty to 11 million illegals when this bill doesn’t first address border security.  Somebody should also let the incompetents in Washington know that their Free Trade policies destroyed our industrial base and because of that we no longer need millions of unskilled immigrant labor like we did when we had an industrial economy.