Did Chinese Hackers Help Defeat Romney In 2012?

After Romney lost the 2012 election I remember reading how his campaign struggled during the election day with a faulty computer program that was central in their “get out the vote” initiative, for those interested that story is here ORCA, Mitt Romney’s high-tech get-out-the-vote program, crashed The program was code named ORCA and on election day it failed badly resulting in the Romney group pretty much flying blind during crucial periods of the day.  Contrast this with the Obama campaign’s reportedly super effective data mining operation and you can see how states that were close might have gone to Obama just because of IT.  What if this was no coincidence though?  What if the Chinese played a role in crashing Romney’s computer networks?  To be fair I have not been able to find any evidence linking the crash of ORCA and Chinese hackers but here is what we do know.  The facts are that the Chinese constantly hack US government computers, they also have been accused of hacking both the Obama and McCain campaigns in 2008,  Chinese hacked Obama, McCain campaigns, say US officials – ….   On top of all the above a recent article from Time on one of their blogs called Swampland talks about how the Romney campaign was constantly under attack by Chinese hackers, that story here The Hunt for Pufferfish.  To better understand the threat the Chinese posed to the Romney campaign and how serious the campaign took it take a look at this excerpt from the story.

“Myers set up her operation in a the third- floor office on Boston’s Commercial Street that became known as the “clean room”.  Because the Romney campaign’s servers were under continual assault by Chinese hackers, the computers in the clean room were not connected to the Internet”.

Also realizing that Romney was taking a decidedly tougher stance on China than the Obama campaign and you can quickly see how this is not out of the realm of possibilities.  Also please note I am not saying the Obama campaign had anything to do with this.


Do Young Americans Deserve Their High Unemployment And The Burden Of Funding Obamacare?

Wow, what a loaded question but one that is relevant given how bad things are for young people in America today.  A recent story by PBS.org highlighted the tough job market that recent college grads face right now.   They reported that “The latest Bureau of Labor statistic numbers indicate that job seekers between 20 and 24 years old face a 13.2 percent unemployment rate, compared to the 10.5 percent youth unemployment rate in 2007. The current national average is 7.6 percent. Akers adds that college degree holders normally should fare better than those without them.”  Those are troubling statistics but when coupled with the fact that young people now will also have to carry the new burden of having to fund Obamacare it seems almost that there was malice in the heart of the people of the Obama Administration when they crafted this legislation.  Most young people probably never considered the fact that Obamacare means that they will have to pay higher insurance premiums (it is an accepted fact that the plan is made possible by forcing the healthy to enroll in insurance plans to help subsidize the older population).  If they would have thought about this and the continuously dismal youth job market it is fair to wonder if they would still vote for Obama?

Service Organizations Give Grads Fulfillment, and a Job out of …

America Is Being Ruined By A Dysfunctional Media


The people of America are being manipulated by the media and it has taken a serious toll on the country as a whole.  Our dysfunctional media are partly responsible for many of the recent crises we have faced.  Examples of this can be found all over our recent history on both sides of the political aisle.  For example, there is no doubt the American media helped lead the country blindly into the war in Iraq.  As a conservative some might be puzzled by my trouble with this but the fact that almost no credible news organization challenged the idea of whether we were really threatened by Saddam’s phantom WMD stockpiles is a serious stain on the media as a whole.  Also the fact that the mainstream media has been historically biased leaning slightly left (no rational person could deny this based on the simple fact that all the media types go to the same ivy league schools where they are indoctrinated with liberal leaning agendas) naturally led to Fox News being established and its subsequent explosive growth.  I remember when Fox first came out and conservatives were thrilled.  Fox helped power the Bush administration’s agenda in the first term.  Unfortunately there has been some serious consequences to the rise of Fox News for both conservatives and the country as a whole.  First, Fox was such a powerful draw on conservatives that they literally tuned into Fox and tuned out of the rest country.  This allowed the Bush administration to wallow around in Iraq with a loser strategy for years all because the republican base was watching Fox News and hearing the tired old cliché “you only hear the bad about Iraq and not all the good that is happening”.  Well we know how that finished, the rest of the country demanded change and forced Bush into a corner.  To his credit he saved the American endeavor in Iraq with The Surge but only because all the people who weren’t watching Fox News demanded change.  Second, because Fox News completely dominates the conservative news cycle the republican party has fashioned its message to only match with the type of people who watch Fox News.  That may not sound like a bad idea to some but since the vast majority of the country doesn’t watch Fox News so it is a sure fired way to relegate the republican party to national irrelevance. 

There are plenty of examples where the left has benefitted from the MSM’s liberal bias.  Most recently was our last 2 presidential elections.  In 2008 the MSM drooled all over themselves with their overwhelming positive coverage of Barrack Obama.  In 2012 Obama again benefitted from the MSM when most of them refused to challenge him over the debacle in Benghazi, culminating in Candy Crowley’s now infamous gaffe.  I would mention MSNBC because they are guilty of everything Fox is but probably even worse, however, they are not nearly as popular.  One has to wonder with a media as bad as ours is how long can this country continue to thrive when in a democracy and free market economy the free flow of accurate information is perhaps the most singularly important commodity of all?

The Day After The Election, A Conservative Assessment

For many conservatives who drank the party cool aid last night’s results came as quite a shock.  Many are waking up today asking what went wrong?  To give people my quick take on what happened last night let me share some quick points that I believe are worth thinking about in the coming days.

1.  The democrat’s get out the vote effort was superior.  In many states the dems banked enough early votes to withstand Romney’s election day surge.

2.  Republican claims of skewed polls with over sampling of democrats turned out to be wrong.  This is the main culprit for many conservative’s shock and dismay at the outcome last night.  All the republican elite making bold claims of a Romney victory based their assumptions on the idea that the major polls had oversampled democrats and that the reality of election day would mean less dems than predicted resulting in a major Romney victory.  In short, they were flat out wrong and embarrassed.  Not only did they embarrass themselves but their conservative followers feel let down, and rightly so.

3.  The entire Republican Party suffered a major black eye last night not because Romney lost but because they did such an effective job of selling the faithful on the idea that the polls were wrong that their credibility with these same people and the nation as a whole has been diminished.

4.  Fox News also is battered because they gave these pundits predicting a major Romney victory big air time.  Many will associate the pundits (even though they are just analysts) with the Fox News brand.  So just like in point #3 above its not just the people viewing Fox but also the nation as a whole thinks less of the network after the Romney victory narrative crumbled in the face of reality.

5.  Sandy seemed to blunt Romney’s momentum and help the president.  Before the storm I seem to recall that Romney was ahead in the RCP average on national polls and behind once it was over.  A case of bad luck for Romney and terrible destruction for the area hit by the storm.

6.  Before results started coming in last night at about 6pm the alarm bells inside my head were starting to go off after reading that the economy was the number one issue but that close to a majority of voters were still blaming Bush for the economy.

7.  I already talked about Fox News but let me now turn to the MSM.  There is no doubt that Romney did not get a fair shake from the press and Obama got a pass from most of them on Benghazi.  The fact that Obama was not held to account by the MSM for what happened there is an embarrassment.

8.  The conservative movement now has some hard questions to ask of its self like the obvious “why did we lose?”  Some of the exit polling has suggested that the so called “war on women” narrative employed by the Obama campaign was effective.  Also the latino vote seems to have played a large factor in Florida and Colorado.  Not to be forgotten is the issue of gay marriage that appears to have won approval on a state ballot for the first time ever.  These issues will have to scrutinized within the party to come up with a “winning” response the next time.

Divided U.S. Gives Obama More Time

Presidential Debates Round One Goes To Romney Convincingly


Well we have just had the first presidential debate and it was pretty obvious that Romney won the night.  Obama looked a little nervous at the beginning, slightly stumbling over his words.  He also appeared to be both disinterested at times and also surprised that Romney was aggressively coming at him.  It would be wrong to say that Obama didn’t have any positive moments but on the whole even democratic surrogates admitted that Obama was off his game and that Romney had won.

On the other hand Romney clearly commanded the stage from the beginning of the debate by aggressively going after Obama.  But it wasn’t just Romney being aggressive that won the night, Romney looked both invigorated and comfortable during the debate.  Almost like he had been waiting for this opportunity to show off his command of the issues to the public.

What does all this mean?  Well the big news is that his strong performance gives Romney a chance to clear the airwaves of all the negativity that has surrounded his campaign in recent weeks.  It also gives people who were unsure about Romney confidence that he can lead the country.  The bottom line is that tonight’s debate turn an already close race that much closer and it should be a fight to the finish.


The Problem For Republicans


As much as I may hate to admit it Obama, barring any unforseen calamity, will more than likely win a 2nd term this November.  I obviously don’t like that scenario but since I have long suspected that would be the outcome it is a little easier to accept.  What I find most disheartening about this election is how the GOP’s prospects for taking control of the senate have recently begun to fall apart.  With Maine Senator Oympia Snowe set to retire and Rep. Clay Akin’s collapse in the race for the Missouri Senate now held by Claire McCaskill the chances for a GOP takeover are on life support.  What a horrible outcome for not only republicans but really the country also because if this does happen then we are probably going to get even more of the same gridlock of government we have witnessed since 2010.  With the nation facing dire financial decisions beginning at the first of the new year the thought of having to endure even more of what we have already witnessed for the last two years can’t really appeal to either democrats or republicans.  The real question is can the nation afford another 2 years of gridlock, unfortunately I am sure the answer is no.

Doubtful forecast for GOP takeover


Obama’s Economic Report Card

The Economist, a British magazine dealing with economics, has put out a report card for President Obama’s first term.  I would like to give my thoughts on each grade and would hope if anybody actually reads this that they could offer up their own report card for all the categories.

The Economist/Me

Crisis response          A-/C          I lowered the grade to a C because although the auto bailout was necessary in my opinion they should have done more to reign in the UAW because much of the reason the companies were no longer competitive was due to labor costs.

Stimulus                     B+/C-         I gave him a C-  here because it did not deliver anything near what the president had said it would.  Also so much of it was wasted on green energy pipe dreams that will never work without government funding.

Housing                      C+/C          An enormous problem that will take years more to work through to see the housing market fully recover.

Labour                        C+/F           I’m not sure what the guy writing this article was thinking but boosting college funding is not near a good enough reason to merit a passing grade when the nation is still at record high unemployment levels 4 years removed from the crisis.

Trade                           B-/B-         I left the grade unchanged because I do feel the Obama administration has tried to help American companies export more goods.  However, since the Obama administration has not fundamentally addressed the nation’s most critical economic failure, our trade policy, I could not give him an even higher grade as I originally wanted.

Industrial Policy        F/F            The Economist laid out the obvious reasons for the grade already.

Regulation                  D/F            To me there is no question this has been of the administration’s most glaring failures.  The fear that companies have of what Obamacare might mean in terms of new costly regulations is enough for most to give him an F here.

Debt            Incomplete/F            I thought hard here about giving the president a D because republicans have not been realistic about accepting at least some meagre tax hikes in exchange for entitlement reform, which will have to happen to solve the deficit problem.  Unfortunately I couldn’t do that because of the president’s record-breaking trillion-dollar plus deficits for each year he has been in office.  The bottom line is that the size of these yearly deficits and the accumulated debt overall has done more to endanger our country than anything in the history of this nation since World War II.

In the final analysis the Obama administration faced problems not seen since the Great Depression and should be graded with that in mind.  Some of the things that many conservatives blast him for the most were needed like the auto bailouts and the stimulus, even though they were poorly executed, because the country was ready to plunge into the abyss.  Unfortunately record high unemployment, out of control deficits, and the burden of Obamacare mean that this president does not deserve a passing grade in my opinion.

Barack Obama’s economic record: End-of-term report