The Day After The Election, A Conservative Assessment

For many conservatives who drank the party cool aid last night’s results came as quite a shock.  Many are waking up today asking what went wrong?  To give people my quick take on what happened last night let me share some quick points that I believe are worth thinking about in the coming days.

1.  The democrat’s get out the vote effort was superior.  In many states the dems banked enough early votes to withstand Romney’s election day surge.

2.  Republican claims of skewed polls with over sampling of democrats turned out to be wrong.  This is the main culprit for many conservative’s shock and dismay at the outcome last night.  All the republican elite making bold claims of a Romney victory based their assumptions on the idea that the major polls had oversampled democrats and that the reality of election day would mean less dems than predicted resulting in a major Romney victory.  In short, they were flat out wrong and embarrassed.  Not only did they embarrass themselves but their conservative followers feel let down, and rightly so.

3.  The entire Republican Party suffered a major black eye last night not because Romney lost but because they did such an effective job of selling the faithful on the idea that the polls were wrong that their credibility with these same people and the nation as a whole has been diminished.

4.  Fox News also is battered because they gave these pundits predicting a major Romney victory big air time.  Many will associate the pundits (even though they are just analysts) with the Fox News brand.  So just like in point #3 above its not just the people viewing Fox but also the nation as a whole thinks less of the network after the Romney victory narrative crumbled in the face of reality.

5.  Sandy seemed to blunt Romney’s momentum and help the president.  Before the storm I seem to recall that Romney was ahead in the RCP average on national polls and behind once it was over.  A case of bad luck for Romney and terrible destruction for the area hit by the storm.

6.  Before results started coming in last night at about 6pm the alarm bells inside my head were starting to go off after reading that the economy was the number one issue but that close to a majority of voters were still blaming Bush for the economy.

7.  I already talked about Fox News but let me now turn to the MSM.  There is no doubt that Romney did not get a fair shake from the press and Obama got a pass from most of them on Benghazi.  The fact that Obama was not held to account by the MSM for what happened there is an embarrassment.

8.  The conservative movement now has some hard questions to ask of its self like the obvious “why did we lose?”  Some of the exit polling has suggested that the so called “war on women” narrative employed by the Obama campaign was effective.  Also the latino vote seems to have played a large factor in Florida and Colorado.  Not to be forgotten is the issue of gay marriage that appears to have won approval on a state ballot for the first time ever.  These issues will have to scrutinized within the party to come up with a “winning” response the next time.

Divided U.S. Gives Obama More Time


Presidential Debates Round One Goes To Romney Convincingly


Well we have just had the first presidential debate and it was pretty obvious that Romney won the night.  Obama looked a little nervous at the beginning, slightly stumbling over his words.  He also appeared to be both disinterested at times and also surprised that Romney was aggressively coming at him.  It would be wrong to say that Obama didn’t have any positive moments but on the whole even democratic surrogates admitted that Obama was off his game and that Romney had won.

On the other hand Romney clearly commanded the stage from the beginning of the debate by aggressively going after Obama.  But it wasn’t just Romney being aggressive that won the night, Romney looked both invigorated and comfortable during the debate.  Almost like he had been waiting for this opportunity to show off his command of the issues to the public.

What does all this mean?  Well the big news is that his strong performance gives Romney a chance to clear the airwaves of all the negativity that has surrounded his campaign in recent weeks.  It also gives people who were unsure about Romney confidence that he can lead the country.  The bottom line is that tonight’s debate turn an already close race that much closer and it should be a fight to the finish.

The Problem For Republicans


As much as I may hate to admit it Obama, barring any unforseen calamity, will more than likely win a 2nd term this November.  I obviously don’t like that scenario but since I have long suspected that would be the outcome it is a little easier to accept.  What I find most disheartening about this election is how the GOP’s prospects for taking control of the senate have recently begun to fall apart.  With Maine Senator Oympia Snowe set to retire and Rep. Clay Akin’s collapse in the race for the Missouri Senate now held by Claire McCaskill the chances for a GOP takeover are on life support.  What a horrible outcome for not only republicans but really the country also because if this does happen then we are probably going to get even more of the same gridlock of government we have witnessed since 2010.  With the nation facing dire financial decisions beginning at the first of the new year the thought of having to endure even more of what we have already witnessed for the last two years can’t really appeal to either democrats or republicans.  The real question is can the nation afford another 2 years of gridlock, unfortunately I am sure the answer is no.

Doubtful forecast for GOP takeover

Presidential Campaign Update, Should Obama Be Worried?

With several polls now showing Romney taking the lead is it time for Obama to start worrying.  After all the president relentlessly attacked Romney during the past month with negative ads out in overwhelming force.  Make no mistake Obama is certainly not running on hope and change this time out, his campaign is all about going negative against Romney.  Unfortunately for the president after going so hard after Romney, his campaign even ran a deficit last month, he has nothing to show for it.  On top of this you have his regrettable statement about business owners not being responsible for their own success which has boomeranged on the president putting his campaign on the defensive.  A few weeks ago I wrote how Romney appeared to be the one in trouble.  My feelings right now are that if the GOP had a top-tier candidate running against Obama he/she would clean the president’s clock because people seem to be so down on his administration.  Fortunately for the president Mitt Romney is his opponent.  As we have seen with his latest gaffe about the London Olympics not being ready (which is probably true) right before he visits London shows  sometimes he can leave much to be desired.  Obama still has some things going for him in several key battleground states so that coupled with Romney’s inability to effectively campaign against the president will combine to make this race a lot closer than it should be.






The 2012 Presidential Campaign So Far


I don’t know about you but if you were hoping to see Obama sent packing this fall you probably are a little disappointed with Romney’s campaign so far.  In an election year that seems like it should be almost gift wrapped for the challenger to knock off the incumbent because of the weak economy, Obamacare, and what is shaping up to be a fundraising advantage.  But, here it is July and the republican challenger Mitt Romney cannot seem to be able to put together a coherent message that both outlines Obama’s failures and also offers Romney’s vision for America.  This is all the more disappointing when you factor in that Obama’s campaign seems to have been off their game so far, how bad will this thing look once they finally get their act together.  Supposedly Romney’s campaign has heard conservatives grumbling and announced that some outsiders would be brought in but the announcement made it sound like they were not replacing anybody.  If I were Romney heads would roll, there is no excuse for a candidate with his experience to be suffering from the most basic of all campaign problems, why you should vote for me and not the other guy.  Here is to hoping things get better fast, otherwise it is going to be a very long 4 more years.

Obama Set To Recalibrate Message In Key Speech In Ohio



With what can only be described as a horrendous start to his 2012 reelection campaign President Obama is set to roll out a retuned message in the key battleground state of Ohio on Thursday.  Realizing that with the recent bad economic news coming out he has no real chance of running on his record the idea now is to change the debate from one about his record to a choice between himself and Romney.  Obama is also expected to rely on his administration’s favorite line of how they inherited a mess and the previous administration’s policies are what caused the problem.  You should also expect a very nasty campaign from Obama because now that they realized their record is not worth running on going negative will be one of the few options left to them.  What you certainly won’t hear from Obama is something along the lines of one of the theme’s of Reagan’s 84 campaign were he simply asked voters if they were better off since he had been in office.

Obama to defend economic record

Fundraiser In Chief

The Washington Post has reported today that President Obama has doubled the number of fundraising events that former President Bush held by this time in his bid for re-election in 2004.  At the same point in 2004 Bush had held 79 fundraising events while Obama has done 160.  The article points out republicans have complained that the president spends more time fundraising than he actually does governing the country.  They also point the reason for this most likely being that Obama has forgone public financing so he has to make up the difference.  This is what we can safely say, in an era where the job of being president gets ever more complicated are current commander in chief spends less and less time actually doing it.

Barack Obama: Fundraiser in chief?