Did Facebook Fizzle?

I have been reading multiple news stories that are depicting the IPO by Facebook as a flop.  On the surface it seems kind of hard to go along with that when it was going to go down as at least the 3rd biggest IPO in history, maybe even the 2nd when all is said and done.  However, to go along with that it has also been reported that some of the big Wall Street firms underwriting the IPO were forced to intervene on behalf of the stock to keep it from falling below it’s initial list price.  After all the hype for that to have happened has to be somewhat humbling for for the people at Facebook.  But wait, it might actually get worse if things play out like Michael Hiltzik says they might in his story he ran about the less then stellar IPO entitled Facebook’s epic fail.  All in all probably not what founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was hoping for.