Polish Pride

When I got word that the prime minister of Poland was demanding an apology from President Obama because he had referred to the Nazi death camps in Poland as Polish death camps my first thought was the Poles really needed to get over it.  To me the white house saying they had misspoke seemed to be good enough.  Then I was reminded of all the slights this white house has made towards Poland since taking office and I began to think that maybe the Polish reaction was not just because the president misspoke.  The article I was reading was over at www.economist.com and they pointed out how this administration had reneged on our missile defense commitment to Poland, and we still had not lifted visa requirements.  So I still think that the Poles need to get over the whole death camp debacle but I also think this president needs to start living up too what we have already promised we would do for the Poles.  Link to story below.

“Polish” death camps: Mind your language