Bow Down To The Meat Chopper, Hooah!



I came across this awesome story about a weapon system called the “Meat Chopper”, what a great name.  Basically the deal is this weapon was originally designed to shoot down low flying German pilots who liked to strafe allied positions during World War II.  To accomplish this it was designed with four M-2 50 caliber machine guns spinning on a battery-powered turret with the gunner sitting behind some armor plating.  Supposedly it was pretty effective at handling the Nazi pilots, but it earned real fame and recognition when it was employed as an anti-personnel weapon.  Any of you who have ever witnessed what a single 50 cal. machine gun can do to an object like a vehicle, a brick wall, God forbid a human being (a buddy of mine who frequently used the 50 cal. in Iraq described its effect on a man as “tomato sauce”), can only imagine what four of them mounted on a single turret could do to a platoon of  Nazi infantry.  Spitting out an insane 2200 50 cal. rounds a minute you can quickly picture the annihilation in your mind.  Modern “gatling” style multi barrel chain guns can fire more rounds per minute than the “Meat Chopper” but most are only 7.62, which does not carry anything near the punch the 50 cal. does.  The only thing that really seems better than this would be the old Phalanx anti-aircraft weapon, which was a gatling type firing 20mm shells.  But it was so big it had to be mounted on M-113 so it is not really a fair comparison.   Anyways for more info check out the original below at

Ready to chop some meat.

Ready to chop some meat.

PS.  Yes, I do know this really has nothing to do with what this blog is supposed to be about but how can anyone not be interested in learning about a weapon called the “Meat Chopper”.

The Maxson Meat Chopper: M45 Browning .50 caliber Quadmount


49 Years Ago Today

It has been 49 years since Quang Duc sat down in the middle of the street and set himself ablaze to protest treatment of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government.  Eyewitnesses said that even while being burned alive Quang did not move at all nor scream out in pain.

40 Years Later

This coming week will mark the 40th anniversary of one of the most recognizable photos of the Vietnam War.  The photo above came to symbolize the brutality of the war because it graphically illustrated the effects of the war on the most innocent of all, children.  The children in the photo are running from their village which had just been hit with napalm from an airstrike.  The naked little girl suffered severe burns because of the napalm.  She would miraculously go onto survive, convert to christianity, and defect to Canada.  Link to story below.

                 Above, the victim on the right, Phan Thi Kim Phuc, now all grown up poses with the photographer of the photo Nick Ut.

Photo of ‘napalm girl” from Vietnam War turns 40