Significant drop in illegal immigration is the Trump administration’s biggest accomplishment in first 100 days.

While his administration has struggled with repealing Obamacare and fumbled with travel bans they are having a major impact in reigning in illegal immigration.  The LA Times has reported that since Trump has taken office illegal crossings are down an impressive 40%.  This is notable since Trump has yet to even break ground on his wall.  Oddly enough, it seems that when you actually enforce the laws currently on the books and let illegals know they are not welcome that it actually does deter people from coming.  What a novel idea!  However, the biggest news out of this is that it illuminates how utterly incompetent all the previous administrations have been since Eisenhower.  This is especially true of Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama.  All of whom failed miserably to secure the southern border in the modern era.  I would argue that because of this failure all three former presidents should be publicly censured by congress, have their retirement pay forfeited to pay for Trump’s wall, and have their presidential libraries closed as punishment for letting us be overrun.


Southwest Border Crossings Drop To Lowest … –